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Letters: Buy organic!

Dear Parrots magazine,

Buy organic!

For the last 14 years, we had in our family a Green-cheeked Conure, called Midgie, he is the jewel in our family, well my husband and our three daughters adore him. He has always been a comical little chap and has kept us amused every day we have had him. He is fed mainly on a well-known brand of parrot food together with a variety of fruit and green leaves. He has a good appetite and will have ago at just about everything we give him.

Letters: Perfect parrots

Dear Parrots magazine,

Perfect parrots

I remember reading in the July 2020 issue of Parrots magazine, an article about the Bourkes parakeets and recall how the writer was so delighted with his Bourkes that he made the comment that they were a “Practically Perfect Parrot.”

Letters: The Greys

Dear Parrots magazine,

The Greys

I read Rosemary Low’s article in the last issue with deep sadness as how the Grey parrots still appear to be suffering at the hands of these appalling poachers and traffickers. I have two African Greys and one Timneh and they are a major part of our family, they really rule us and we just love it.

Letters: A great little parrot

Dear Parrots magazine,

A great little parrot

It was about eighteen months ago when we bought our Green-cheeked Conure from our local pet shop. We have always been somewhat nervous as pet shops can have a questionable reputation when it comes to selling live animals. It is a pity that when there is a case of cruelty or neglect at a pet shop, all pet shops tend to be tarred with the same brush.

Letters: Cockatiel nest boxes

Dear Parrots magazine,

Cockatiel nest boxes

We have read Jim Hayward’s article ‘Starting out with Cockatiels’ and are concerned about some of his advice, particularly regarding the dimensions of a suitable nest box. I appreciate that he has taken the trouble to try and help beginners, but his ideal nest box for cockatiels could cause problems. It is far too small. He recommends 7 inch square at the base, many on sale are 8 inch square, both are too small. Our boxes are 11 inch square, quite a difference. The nest box needs to accommodate both the breeding pair, most will together, brood both eggs and chicks, and a possible 5-7 growing youngsters. His advice on diet is fine for non-breeding cockatiels, but not for pairs feeding a growing family. There is no mention of a good quality egg food to provide the necessary protein that enables youngsters to grow to their full potential. Wholemeal bread, moistened with water and a little soya milk, will definitely not provide enough nourishment for growing chicks.

Letters: A rare Norfolk glimpse

Dear Parrots magazine,

I read David Ransom’s article about the Norfolk Island Parakeet, Parrots magazine 269, June 2020, with interest and it brought back fond memories for me. I have visited Norfolk Island, in the south pacific, three times. On my second visit in 1996 I stayed at a small guest house called Highland Lodge. It was situated on the fringes of the Norfolk Island National Park. There were no keys to the bedroom doors and the small bar was in the kitchen and you just signed for what you consumed.

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