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Letters: Unexpected ownership

Dear Parrots magazine,

Unexpected ownership

It can be fascinating to hear how parrot owners come to have a parrot. I suspect many buy them like any other animal, but how I came to be the owner of an African Grey was quite unexpected.

Letters: Responsible Breeding

Dear Parrots magazine,

Responsible Breeding

I remember quite a few years ago that breeding parrots was very popular as those who had just developed an interest thought they could be on a good money spinner. Taking eggs and artificially incubating them seemed the way to go and hand-rearing would produce lovely cuddly tame babies that would earn a good price.

Letters: Feathered primates?

Dear Parrots magazine,

Feathered primates?

I refer to the article in Parrots issue 289 entitled ‘Parrots ‘giving to’ parrots’. This article refers to a scientific paper published in the journal Current Biology, the findings of which are really important because they reveal that individual parrots will voluntarily help each other.

Letters: Keeping them happy

Dear Parrots magazine,

Keeping them happy

Reading back through my back issues, I came across the article called ”The parrot that chews” in the September 21 edition. I remember reading it at the time and how I could engage with it as I am a great fan of how we keep our parrots happy and content. This article was by The World Parrot Trust and they should know what is important for our birds.

Letters: More veterinary articles please!

Dear Parrots magazine,

More veterinary articles please!

While I accept the importance of conservation and how we must protect our natural world and also how we look after our companion parrots, I would like to see more information on healthcare and veterinary issue.

Letters: Dodgy toys

Dear Parrots magazine,

Dodgy toys

I want your readers to be aware of the vast number of parrot toys that are for sale and to be aware of those that can lead to a lot of trauma. I suppose I made the mistake of looking on the internet for some toys for my beloved Orange-winged Amazon, Motzi, who is a very important part of our family.

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