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Dear Parrots magazine,

The Marmite parrots

I read with much interest in last month’s issue (April 23) about the Marmite Parakeets that are colonising in a number of countries. I assume by using the term ‘Marmite’ the insinuation is that you either love them or hate them, hence the Marmite product of the same persuasion. However, I love Marmite!

These parakeets do seem to create a wave of comments from both sides of the argument. I was at an ash scattering ceremony in a churchyard in south London a couple of years ago when, apart from a fox nonchalantly wondering through, there was that unmistakable squawking of the Ringnecks. I saw three of them high up in the trees as they alternated from one to another.

I just adore them, but as a parrot enthusiast with a blue Ringneck, that is to be expected. During the time I was there, another couple passed close by and also commented on the antics of these parakeets expressing their joy at seeing them flying free. But I can understand there are concerns that our native birds may well have some competition although I am not aware of any major issues. Let them be free.

Angela Thurston, by email




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