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Dear Parrots magazine,

Sea Shanty

I don’t know if many parrot owners have listened to the “Sea Shanty” song, the one that goes “There once was a ship that put to sea and the name of the ship was the Billy of tea …”

It goes with a catchy soundtrack and shows a lot on YouTube.

Well, my husband has got it locked in his mind and keeps whistling the sound track over and over – and driving us all mad. Needless to say our African Grey has now got it off to a tee and can now repeat the whole melody of the first line. But my husband is often told to “shut up”, not in a nasty way, but often it is the Grey! Now the Grey also says “shut up”, so we never know who said what, as can’t tell the difference between them. All really very amusing and we love them both and has caused a lot of hilarity in our household.

Hilary Rice, by email




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