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Letters: Veterinary articles

Dear Parrots magazine,

Veterinary articles

I have been receiving this magazine for many years and we would from time to time be able to read articles from avian vets.

Letters: Wing clipping

Dear Parrots magazine,

Wing clipping

I was at a garden centre recently (I won’t mention where it is) that has a large pet section and in that section was an African Grey standing on a wobbly perch. Having two Greys myself I was naturally attracted to it, but what I thought was going to be a pleasant visit, turned out to be a horror show.

Letters: Grieving after loss

Dear Parrots magazine,

Grieving after loss

I remember reading in the May issue of this magazine, an article from the RSPCA how an African Grey started plucking its feathers following the death of its owner. I have witnessed something very similar when an elderly neighbour passed away and who also had an African Grey. In this case, the Grey started to act very strangely with bobbing up and down and climbing up and down in its cage, which was concerning. It’s only because I have two parrots and this man lived in the next road, which is how we became friendly parrot neighbours.

Letters: Selling unweaned parrots

Dear Parrots magazine,

Selling unweaned parrots

I found the article in the July issue entitled “Roco gets out and about” deeply disturbing. The writer had purchased a Military Macaw at the age of seven weeks from a pet store in the Dublin area. Selling unweaned parrots is not only unethical but it shows no duty of care or concern for the bird’s future by the breeder. Only a breeder who was more interested in a rapid income from a pair of birds would consider such an irresponsible act.

Letters: Beware of the sun!

Dear Parrots magazine,

Beware of the sun!

I would like to warn parrot owners of the hazards that hot weather can bring. I have seen warnings in this magazine about the potential hazards of hot weather, but such problems can be so easily overlooked. It was on one occasion last year that we took our Blue-fronted Amazon, Bluey, into our conservatory at the back of our house. We quite often spend a lot of time there with Bluey, and our Labrador, Mitzi.

Letters: The ubiquitous carrot

Dear Parrots magazine,

The ubiquitous carrot

Leslie Moran’s articles is where I go first when opening Parrots magazine, as her writings are always a very informative read and I have gained much from her.

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