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Dear Parrots magazine,

Older parrots

I was very pleased to read the article from Eb Cravens in the May issue about the extra care that he gives to his older parrots. He also takes in some birds from “parrot breeders who are burnt out on their money-making endeavour” and cannot sell such birds.

It would be good if every breeder set aside at least one aviary for old birds, whether their own stock or rescued. It would indicate a caring attitude and help to reduce the number of old, bewildered birds that are likely to end up in rescue centres. Have a heart! Find room for a couple of older parrots!

Several years ago I visited a friend who showed me a pair of Amazons he had just acquired, presumably unseen. I was shocked to see that one of them was obviously old and frail. I wondered how it could even survive in an outdoor aviary. I also wondered what sort of person has so little respect for parrots that he or she would pass on an old bird that needs a lot of care in the last stage of its life, and probably did not have long to live.

Unfortunately, there are people who shunt off their breeding birds when they are no longer reproducing. At this time, when they are not bringing in money for the breeder, they deserve that extra care and attention and not to be discarded like a worn-out pair of shoes.

I once asked a breeder at a sales event why he was selling a beautiful pair of rosellas. He told me that they had bred for him for nearly 20 years and it was time for them to go. The other aspect of this is that many parrots are un-ringed, thus their age is unknown. Did he tell the buyer how old the birds were? I doubt it.

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Rosemary Low, by email




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