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Dear Parrots magazine,

Small cages

I once had a conservation with a woman who laid into me about keeping birds in small cages. I don’t think she differentiated between small flighty birds like finches or larger parrots like macaws. It was when I told her I had an African Grey in a cage measuring approximately 36in x 20in x 24in high that she exclaimed it was far too small for such a bird. I did tell her that the cage door is open all day and my Grey has the freedom of a large sitting room, and also a large conservatory. He is out most of the day and often goes back into his cage where he might sit for some time whistling and chatting away. She did seem to calm down a little, but don’t think I convinced her or she fully understood.

Although the law states that a confined bird must have access to fully stretch its wings, we must be aware of the circumstance in which birds are kept and that the ‘one fit’ law doesn’t always fit all situations.

Marlene Stringer, by email




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