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Dear Parrots magazine,

Future for breeders?

I read with great interest in the August issue a letter by a frustrated reader telling how his son is always glued to his smart phone and iPad. I share his frustration as I also have a young son aged 15 who, not only is he glued to his phone, but walks around with it right in front of him while talking. It’s amazing that he hasn’t so far bumped into anything and hurt himself, especially when walking outside.

Like the man in the previous letter, my husband and I have an interest with parrots and have a pair of Yellow-fronted Amazons in an aviary in our quite large garden, which have produced some chicks over the years. Up until recently, our son had always taken a great interest in them and it was our hope that he would take over from us one day. But it would seem his peers have influenced him into other activities, gaming on his computer now seems to rule his life.

It is a great shame that our traditional hobbies are disappearing in favour of what technology now presses us into.

Lucy Thomas, by email




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