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Something to say? Write to Parrots magazine.All letters sent in will also now be posted in our magazine 'Letters' page.

Getting an issue off your chest can make you feel better, and there are many issues in the parrot world. Or if, simply, you just want to tell us all about something concerning your birds, here's your opportunity.

Parrot people love to hear other owners' experiences and the many other things that make us happy or, indeed, very angry.  So don't worry if your issue is controversial as we believe in a democratic system and will not 'cherry pick' letters.  As long as your letter is not obscene or libellous, it will get an airing.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or if preferred, post to Parrots Magazine, West Building, Elm Grove Lane, Steyning BN44 3SA, UK

Letters: Older parrots

Dear Parrots magazine,

Older parrots

I was very pleased to read the article from Eb Cravens in the May issue about the extra care that he gives to his older parrots. He also takes in some birds from “parrot breeders who are burnt out on their money-making endeavour” and cannot sell such birds.

Letters: Small cages

Dear Parrots magazine,

Small cages

I once had a conservation with a woman who laid into me about keeping birds in small cages. I don’t think she differentiated between small flighty birds like finches or larger parrots like macaws. It was when I told her I had an African Grey in a cage measuring approximately 36in x 20in x 24in high that she exclaimed it was far too small for such a bird. I did tell her that the cage door is open all day and my Grey has the freedom of a large sitting room, and also a large conservatory. He is out most of the day and often goes back into his cage where he might sit for some time whistling and chatting away. She did seem to calm down a little, but don’t think I convinced her or she fully understood.

Letters: The Marmite parrots

Dear Parrots magazine,

The Marmite parrots

I read with much interest in last month’s issue (April 23) about the Marmite Parakeets that are colonising in a number of countries. I assume by using the term ‘Marmite’ the insinuation is that you either love them or hate them, hence the Marmite product of the same persuasion. However, I love Marmite!

Letters: Sea Shanty

Dear Parrots magazine,

Sea Shanty

I don’t know if many parrot owners have listened to the “Sea Shanty” song, the one that goes “There once was a ship that put to sea and the name of the ship was the Billy of tea …”

Letters: Not aggressive

Dear Parrots magazine,

Not aggressive

I had heard quite a few comments that Scarlet Macaws can be quite aggressive and don’t make very good pet companions. Well, I had my eye on a Scarlet Macaw at a garden centre that I visit regularly and each time this macaw grew on me.

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