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Letters: Cockatiel nest boxes

Dear Parrots magazine,

Cockatiel nest boxes

We have read Jim Hayward’s article ‘Starting out with Cockatiels’ and are concerned about some of his advice, particularly regarding the dimensions of a suitable nest box. I appreciate that he has taken the trouble to try and help beginners, but his ideal nest box for cockatiels could cause problems. It is far too small. He recommends 7 inch square at the base, many on sale are 8 inch square, both are too small. Our boxes are 11 inch square, quite a difference. The nest box needs to accommodate both the breeding pair, most will together, brood both eggs and chicks, and a possible 5-7 growing youngsters. His advice on diet is fine for non-breeding cockatiels, but not for pairs feeding a growing family. There is no mention of a good quality egg food to provide the necessary protein that enables youngsters to grow to their full potential. Wholemeal bread, moistened with water and a little soya milk, will definitely not provide enough nourishment for growing chicks.

Letters: A rare Norfolk glimpse

Dear Parrots magazine,

I read David Ransom’s article about the Norfolk Island Parakeet, Parrots magazine 269, June 2020, with interest and it brought back fond memories for me. I have visited Norfolk Island, in the south pacific, three times. On my second visit in 1996 I stayed at a small guest house called Highland Lodge. It was situated on the fringes of the Norfolk Island National Park. There were no keys to the bedroom doors and the small bar was in the kitchen and you just signed for what you consumed.

Letters: Patience paying off

Dear Parrots magazine,

It was recently when my husband and I decided we wanted a parrot, as my parents used to have an Amazon, that we went to a local pet store. As you do, we fell in love with a Yellow-crested Cockatoo that looked to be in excellent condition. We were a little concerned, as he was quite noisy and boisterous, but the pet store owner said that all the activity around him was making him excited. So, without hesitation, we both decided to buy him.

Letters: Disinfection – which ones?

Dear Parrots magazine,

Disinfection – which ones?

In a letter in your November issue, a reader asked for more information regarding different disinfection applications using iodine-based compounds and F10 disinfectants, and also mentioned F10’s efficacy against coronavirus. I hope the following information will be useful to her.

Letters: Clean air needed

Dear Parrots magazine,

Clean air needed

So I have some crappy news. In the past two years since I’ve had my boy Bruce, I’ve begun to get some weird lung issues. Well 12 months ago I had to see a respiratory specialist and have been having three monthly CT scans. Long story short, I have to go in for exploratory surgery as I have banded scarring, nodules on both lungs and deadening on the bottom of both lungs.

Letters: Sudden attacks

Dear Parrots magazine,

Sudden attacks

My Grey has always been very friendly and I can handle him in any way, but all of a sudden, after three years, he has started to kind of attack me, having ago at my hand and fingers.

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