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Letters: Lost Conure

Dear Parrots magazine,

Lost Conure

I have had a Slender Billed Conure since it was found in 1995, in the Guildford area. At the time, the owner could not be traced, despite significant effort. I suspect the bird is getting old now and I would love to know anything about its background. I wonder if any of your readers lost a bird at that time or know of anyone who may have lost it.

Letters: Lost birds

Dear Parrots magazine,

Lost birds

There has been a great deal published about birds escaping and the fine weather we have had recently has made things worse. I lost my Pionus some years ago but luckily, it didn’t go very far and was recovered by a neighbour, and I hadn’t had it microchipped. I often think how different everything could have been if I hadn’t got my bird back and how devastating to my family.

Letters: Nappies for parrots?

Dear Parrots magazine,

Nappies for parrots?

I seem to remember some time ago, there was a letter in this column about nappies for parrots and how the writer went mad over what she thought was a ridiculous idea.

Letters: Feral parakeet populations

Dear Parrots magazine,

Feral parakeet populations

After receiving your October issue 153, I get so angry when I read about the feral parakeets mentioned on page 8. Where do some people get their numbers from? On the radio recently, there was a call on BBC Surrey (104.6 FM) in a programme about the parakeets. The total number is around 6,000, nothing like 44,000. The parakeets can reach an age of 25-30 years, and this is why we have such a large number, and they do not die out after 6-7 years.

Letters: What is indigenous?

Dear Parrots magazine,

What is indigenous?

There seems to be a great deal mentioned about the feral Ring-necked Parakeet colonies that are doing well in the UK, and the concern by certain people. Also, the Quaker Parakeet (Monk) seems to be making good headway with populations increasing.

Letters: Elusive Wooden aviaries

Dear Parrots magazine,

Elusive Wooden aviaries

I am looking to buy a couple of pairs of Bourke Parakeets and have been looking for a well made wooden aviary, but have never seen any being advertised in Parrots magazine.

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