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Letters: Beware the rat

Dear Parrots magazine,

Beware the rat

In have been keeping small parakeets and finches for over 15 years and have never experienced any problems with rodents, that is, until now.

Letters: Severe weather

Dear Parrots magazine,

Severe weather

The recent harsh weather we have all been experiencing has taken many by surprise, especially at this time of the year.

Letters: What a fright!

Dear Parrots magazine,

What a fright!

I read with great interest John Hayward’s Bird Alert each month and am always frightful of people losing their birds. Our birds become part of our lives and losing one, must be like having an arm cut off.

Letters: This thing ‘indigenous’

Dear Parrots magazine,

This thing ‘indigenous’

It was in the December 2010 issue of this magazine that I read with great interest about a definition of ‘indigenous’ and its relevance to the feral Ringnecks. It appears the arguments are continuing with regards to these Ringnecks and how some people are calling for a cull to protect our ‘natural’ wild bird life.

Letters: Keeping up with IT

Dear Parrots magazine,

Keeping up with IT

I was astonished to find Parrots magazine in my local Pets at Home superstore and had no idea it existed. I have had an Amazon parrot for just over 12 years and had no idea that so much information was available. I suppose I have been living in my own little world and have just not kept up with all that is going on in the avian world. Perhaps now, I have been jolted into action and have just bought myself a computer, something I have shunned for a long time.

Letters: Clean air

Dear Parrots magazine,

Clean air

Being a sufferer of asthma and a parrot owner, I have been following any articles on clean air and how best to look after our health. Many of us live in warm double glazed houses that are airtight, but there, I think, lie serious problems. Without airflow and good ventilation, there will always be a high risk of health problems as dust will exist and possible mould spores in corners of rooms.

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