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Dear Parrots magazine,

Confusion over diet

I have read much about diets and nutrition and have been confused at what to feed my Orange-winged Amazon and my Lesser Cockatoo. A good friend of mine believes in pellets although does give her Grey other things like sweetcorn and chicken bones.

When you read an article on pellets, it is easy to be convinced that this is the right diet, but then there is an article or letters that say you must feed a mixed seed diet. It is therefore difficult to make the right decision. Well, I have decided to feed all of these things so my birds get some pellets, some seed and many other items of fresh food. I work on the principle that I would rather have a bird that is happy and content for, say, 25 years, than a bird that has not been happy with what it is fed for, say, 40 years because of what we think is technically best.

Jane Smith, Sussex




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