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Dear Parrots magazine,

Too many birds

In reply to T Hollings letter in issue 141, I have been to the National Parrot Sanctuary twice, once in summer 2007 and again two weeks ago, whilst there have been some improvements, the flights have been extended, there are still far too many birds there, 2000 in all.

I feel very angry that over the years selfish greedy breeders have made it necessary for places like this to exist. They have pulled eggs from their breeding pairs, they have taken chicks for hand-rearing, just for their own selfish needs. I also feel very sad that many of these birds have been pets and are not used to being in an aviary with hundreds of others, exposed to the cold, the strong winds and having to fight for their food. How can they survive? I hope that any person who cares at all about these beautiful birds visits the sanctuary, and I hope that as with me what they see haunts them for the rest of their lives. I take good care of my birds but I worry what will happen to them if, or when I can no longer do it.

(Name withheld)




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