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Dear Parrots magazine,


Parrots issue number 141 October. After having read Trevor Hollings’ letter regarding the National Parrot sanctuary, I was shocked by his views. I have visited this place on several occasions over the past few years and strongly disagree with him. From my experience the owner, Steve, is certainly not running the place, purely to make a profit. He provides long-term shelter and housing for over a thousand rescued parrots and takes great pride in providing each and every bird with the varied diet and care they require. I would say Steve’s only fault lies with the fact that he can never turn away a parrot in need – if, indeed, this can be classed as a fault.

I would say that an investigation should be set up but not with the Parrot Sanctuary, I would suggest looking into the reason why so many members of the public are allowed to buy parrots on a whim, when they have absolutely no idea what it entails to care for the birds on a daily basis. Maybe some form of licensing should be introduced! Could this be the way forward? Would it deter parrots being abandoned when the owner becomes bored with it like some material possession?

Until that day arrives, we should be grateful that there are generous and dedicated people like Steve and his staff who take unwanted birds under their wing and work tirelessly 365 days of the year to take good care of them.

Chistine McMillan, West Yorkshire




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