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Dear Parrots magazine,

Part of the family

We have had our Orange-winged Amazon for just less than two years now and are over the moon with him - we have had him DNA sexed. When my children heard about us getting a parrot, they were very excited and couldn’t wait to see it. But it would seem that some of their school friends have said they can bite and be very noisy, which put them off. This made us think carefully but after long talks, it was agreed that we go ahead.


The bird belonged to a lady who lived nearby and it was only by chance that we heard that she was not very well and could no longer look after it. She had only had it for about a year, which concerned us, as she was not that young and the parrot would have probably outlived her.


Nevertheless, we took ownership of the bird and she wouldn’t take any money for him, which turned out to be good, as we could then spend the money we had to buy a better cage and more toys.

This bird is quite amazing and joins us at meal times, that’s if we can drag our two daughters away from their computers. He is not noisy and has never bitten anyone so all those old wives’ tales did not have much truth in them. Sparky, as he was named, has now become a firm member of our family.

Jennifer Bowen, Cumbria




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