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Letters: Getting a second bird

Dear Parrots magazine,

Getting a second bird

I have had an African Grey for nearly 10 years and have always felt he (we were told when we bought him that he was a ‘he’) was feeling lonely. He has always been friendly and let’s both me and my husband handle him. But of course, most of the time he sits on his own in his cage and seems less bright. So we considered getting him a ‘friend’. We thought about this for a very long time, but had never bought another Grey.

Letters: Future for breeders?

Dear Parrots magazine,

Future for breeders?

I read with great interest in the August issue a letter by a frustrated reader telling how his son is always glued to his smart phone and iPad. I share his frustration as I also have a young son aged 15 who, not only is he glued to his phone, but walks around with it right in front of him while talking. It’s amazing that he hasn’t so far bumped into anything and hurt himself, especially when walking outside.

Letters: Breeding parakeets

Dear Parrots magazine,

Breeding parakeets

Perhaps I am a bit out of the box being 37 years old and someone who hates modern day technology. I do have a smart phone, but use it only on rare occasions when needing a phone and don’t want arthritic thumbs when I get older!

Letters: Weather issues

Dear Parrots magazine,

Weather issues

I have read in this magazine the issues that hot weather can bring about (I live in the UK) and our summers seem to be getting hotter with rising temperatures creating problems for all of us and in particularly our birds. I am a self-employed plumber and have two Yellow-fronted Amazons, which live in large flights in my conservatory. I am very aware of the problems of extreme heat that can quickly become a lethal threat to captive birds and to that end I have insulated my conservatory to keep cool in summer and warm in winter.

Letters: Future of hobbyists?

Dear Parrots magazine,

Future of hobbyists?

I’m sure I am not alone when I say I’m fed up with my youngest son glued to his mobile phone and iPad and not seeming to be interested in anything else.

Letters: A marvellous thing to do

Dear Parrots magazine,

A marvellous thing to do

I recently came across your website and found the April 2020 issue featuring the Spix’s Macaw on the cover. I found it so encouraging at the way these amazing macaws are now being released to re-populate what was once their natural habitat in Brazil.

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