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Letters: More veterinary articles please!

Dear Parrots magazine,

More veterinary articles please!

While I accept the importance of conservation and how we must protect our natural world and also how we look after our companion parrots, I would like to see more information on healthcare and veterinary issue.

Letters: Keeping them happy

Dear Parrots magazine,

Keeping them happy

Reading back through my back issues, I came across the article called ”The parrot that chews” in the September 21 edition. I remember reading it at the time and how I could engage with it as I am a great fan of how we keep our parrots happy and content. This article was by The World Parrot Trust and they should know what is important for our birds.

Letters: Dodgy toys

Dear Parrots magazine,

Dodgy toys

I want your readers to be aware of the vast number of parrot toys that are for sale and to be aware of those that can lead to a lot of trauma. I suppose I made the mistake of looking on the internet for some toys for my beloved Orange-winged Amazon, Motzi, who is a very important part of our family.

Letters: Plumage colours

Dear Parrots magazine,

Plumage colours

I read with great interest in the September issue about Eclectus plumage and why the male and female have completely different colours. But it’s not just about Eclectus, as many other parrots in other countries are extremely colourful and in some cases it’s difficult to understand why, for example, in South America there are several different species that live in the same area as each other, but have a completely different colourings, and there seems to be no logical reason for it. Also, many other non-parrot like birds have completely different and contrasting plumage so not just confined to parrots. I suppose this is a subject that baffles many scientists and naturalists as well as the general public.

Letters: Feather plucking

Dear Parrots magazine,

Feather plucking

In the last issue of Parrots magazine I was interested to see a full page of copy concerning feather plucking in psittacines. It properly attributed poor nutrition as one cause for some parrots to self-mutilate. I do think a bit of further clarification is in order, as there are many other causes for feather plucking.

Letters: Parrot therapy

Dear Parrots magazine,

Parrot therapy

I read with great interest the article on parrot therapy in the October issue and can fully associate with the points the author was stating.

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