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Dear Parrots magazine,

Free flying

There is so much written now about how free flying your parrots has become increasingly popular, and I can fully understand the excitement and pleasure free flying gives us humans and the obvious benefits of healthy exercise for birds.

There have been many accounts when birds have decided to fly off of owners’ shoulders when perhaps something has startled them. Yes, I agree it must be a wonderful experience for both owner and bird to enjoy the outdoors, enjoying the elements and freedoms that is offered. However, there have also been many situations when the birds don’t return and, of course, when spooked they invariably end up in an alien environment that is totally unfamiliar to them. This, of course, is when panic sets in to both bird and owner.

Free flying is great to see, but should only be undertaken by experienced owners and those who have been trained by experts in this field of adventures. However, it does seem that, although many birds that have flown off, many do tend to be retrieved and brought back to safety. Most owners will act in a responsible way and minimise risks, but there are always some who will take chances.

Maurice Bernstein, by email




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