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Dear Parrots magazine,

Give some fresh air

When we get past Christmas and into the new year I always think of getting my birds out into fresh air. Perhaps I am quite fortunate living close to the south coast in the UK where we often miss the worst of the weather, which means we often can enjoy relatively warm weather and in some cases, despite being in January, some days can be quite mild.

I have an outdoor flight measuring approximately 3m x 2m that I like to put my two Timneh Greys into when the weather permits, even for a few hours in the day.

It always surprises me how quickly Christmas seems to disappear back into the distance, although only a few weeks have passed. The starting of a new year always seems to produce optimism for going forward that always brings my flight into my into mind. I always cover it with two large waterproof sheets so when the time comes to use it, it is always in good condition and needs very little cleaning.

I will always urge any owner of pet birds that have some space in the garden to purchase a flight, as it will give valuable exercise, fresh air and enjoyment of the outside elements.

Tom Smedley, Seaford




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