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Something to say? Write to Parrots magazine.All letters sent in will also now be printed in our magazine 'Postbag' page.

Getting an issue off your chest can make you feel better, and there are many issues in the parrot world. Or if, simply, you just want to tell us all about something concerning your birds, here's your opportunity.

Parrot people love to hear other owners' experiences and the many other things that make us happy or, indeed, very angry.  So don't worry if your issue is controversial as we believe in a democratic system and will not 'cherry pick' letters.  As long as your letter is not obscene or libellous, it will get an airing.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or if preferred, post to Parrots Magazine, West Building, Elm Grove Lane, Steyning BN44 3SA, UK

Letters: Lack of knowledge

Dear Parrots magazine,

Lack of knowledge

It was only a few weeks ago when I went into a garden centre to buy some compost that, as a parrot owner, I was attracted to a conversation that was taking place between a young shop advisor and a couple. This was all about a Senegal parrot that was up for sale and the couple were asking questions about it. What horrified me was that this young advisor was giving out a lot of misinformation about how this Senegal should be looked after, what food it should be given and what type of cage it should be kept in. This young chap didn’t have a clue as to what he was talking about and only seemed to have been wanting to make a name for himself.

Letters: When we leave

Dear Parrots magazine,

When we leave

I read an interesting letter in the December issue by Elizabeth Matthewson regarding what happens to our birds when we pass on. This is a very important consideration for if we suddenly become incapacitated or even die, what will happen to our birds?

Letters: Free flying

Dear Parrots magazine,

Free flying

There is so much written now about how free flying your parrots has become increasingly popular, and I can fully understand the excitement and pleasure free flying gives us humans and the obvious benefits of healthy exercise for birds.

Letters: Beware of bright lights

Dear Parrots magazine,

Beware of bright lights

It was only recently when I read an article about rearing parrot chicks that I was horrified at the pictures I saw. These chicks, and I have seen many similar photos, were sitting under bright fluorescent lights in what looked like ice cream tubs. These poor chicks were glaring upwards no doubt waiting to be fed again, but these bright lights could only do damage to their under developed eyes.

Letters: PBFD – is there a cure?

Dear Parrots magazine,

PBFD – is there a cure?

It was about two years ago when we bought our cockatoo and he was a real clown and always kept us in stitches with his antics and although he didn’t speak a great deal, he did come out with some really funny sayings that he must have picked up from our two sons.

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