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Dear Parrots magazine,

Spotted some storks?

It was recently when travelling on a main road in the south of England, one of my children shouted out: “What is that bird Mummy?” I was driving so had to concentrate on the road, but I did see it as it flew right in front of us. I’m sure it was a heron although I did remember an article in the January issue of Parrots magazine that featured storks sharing nests with Monk Parakeets, although no sign of any Monks!

Although my whole family is hooked on parrots, we have two Yellow-headed Amazons, we also love to see our native wild birds. I would like to mention when driving in the same area, not far from the south coast, we have spotted a very large raptor looking bird that I think could well be a White-tailed Eagle. I had only had a short glimpse of it and noticed a hawk like head and spread out wing tip feathers. It swooped down and grabbed something off the road, road kill I assume. I understand that White-tailed Eagles have been released on the Isle of Wight and have been spotted in land as well now. Sorry if I am boring readers with non-parrot birds, but I’m sure we all like all birds and our natural wildlife.

Bettie Robbins, by email




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