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Orthopaedic problems in birds

SkeletonForBlogWhen we think or read about ailments and diseases that parrots can succumb to we rarely think of orthopaedics.  It is surprising how many parrots suffer from deformities or accidental breakages of bones and the amount of work that goes into repairing them.  In the August issue (211), Daniel Calvo Carrasco MRCVS and Neil Forbes FRCVS enlighten us on the amount of work their practice does in repairing orthopaedic injuries and deformities.  In part one of the two part article, they describe the amazing work they do along with photographs showing examples of both deformity and injury.

The concluding part two of the article will appear in the September issue (212).

Rico’s Recovery

Rico cockatoo  Once in a while a story comes along that captures the hearts and minds of people,     and in our November 2014 issue, the heart-rending story by Lara Joseph about the accident her Umbrella Cockatoo, Rico, endured did just that (Learning from our accidents – Rico’s Story).   The incident, which happened in August 2014, involved Rico accidentally knocking a can of pvc primer all over himself.  Needless to say, Lara was distraught and after taking immediate action visiting local avian specialists, she also turned to the Facebook community, sharing her experience for education purposes and to keep them up-to-date with what was going on with her.  She received over 800 posts a day during those nail-biting hours upon hours following Rico’s accident, with support from all over the world.

Coming up in the August issue, we have an update on what has been happening with Rico and Lara since that fateful time – don’t miss it!  Due out in UK shops on Thursday 23 July 2015 or call us to subscribe on 01273 464777.

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