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Going on holiday?

Here are just some of the things to bear in mind for while you are away, although please be aware this is a non-exhaustive list. 

·    Find a reliable friend you are totally confident in, who is happy to come into your home, or seek a close family relative who will live-in while you are away.

·    Whoever you decide on, make sure that they are familiar with an avian vet, in case of an emergency, and have their contact details to hand.

·    Make sure they are familiar with all the feeds and feeding arrangements.

·    Make sure the bird is left in complete safety, ie, cage or enclosure is secure, all items and accessories are securely fixed.

·    Make sure that nothing can be removed from any small items and ingested, and there are no tapes or strings that could get wrapped around the bird that could not be removed if you weren’t there.

·    Ensure that the person looking after your bird is aware of potentially hazardous positions for the cage or its enclosure, don’t put a cage directly in front of a window or radiator, or in any other place that could be subject to high or low temperatures.

·    Make sure the bird sitter is aware of household hazards, eg, overheating of non-stick appliances, air fresheners or any other potentially toxic vapours, fumes, aerosol can contents (eg, furniture polish, oven cleaners, etc.).

·    Also make sure you give that person your contact details in case or emergency.


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