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Back Issues and Binders

BindersBackIssuesWe’re just in the process of putting the September issue to bed and this will be issue number 212.  That means we’ve got a lot of back issues, with the number increasing every month, and that’s a lot of articles!  Needless to say, there is a vast amount of information covering all different subjects concerning parrots and although we list the available back issues in the magazine, it isn’t so easy to see what’s inside each one.
Starting tomorrow, we will be kicking off a long series of Facebook posts providing details of what’s in each back issue, beginning with issue 1 from December/January 1995.  Whilst you may think that the earlier issues are rather old, many of the articles are timeless, providing relevant and valuable information.
The price of each back issue is UK £3.95, Europe £4.95, USA & Canada US$9.00 and Rest of World £5.95, all prices include p&p/shipping.
Please note that some issues are sold out and remaining magazines are available while stocks last.
If you don’t want to wait for the Facebook posts, much of the information regarding back issues can be found on our website here: BACK ISSUES
If you are buying back issues, why not order a few binders, with a beautiful rainforest cover, to keep your magazines safe and in good condition.  They hold 12 issues and the hard-wearing laminated gloss finish reduces handling wear and tear.
Binders cost UK £8.95, Europe £12.50, USA & Canada US$18.00, Rest of World £15.00.  However, if you buy three or more, the price each drops to UK £7.95, Europe £11.50, USA & Canada US$17.00 and Rest of World £14.00, all prices include p&p/shipping.

Beware Strong Winds!

WindyIn the northern hemisphere, we have been having some strange weather over past weeks and often with some strong winds, unusual for this time of year.  It is easy to fall into a false sense of security thinking the weather is fine, but don’t be caught out.

Some of you might have aviaries that are partly protected with sheeting, which may well be the victims of high winds if not sufficiently secured.  It can be amazing what force a light to moderate wind can have on a large sheet – remember how yachts sail?  Apart from your aviaries becoming vulnerable, you don’t want tin or plastic sheets whizzing over your neighbour’s gardens!

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