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Dear Parrots magazine,

Good advice

The best contributor you have is, in my opinion, Leslie Moran.  Her articles have the ability to educate readers about the importance of superior nutrition, and she makes it easy to understand.  The articles have the ability, if followed, to cure a lot of health issues in parrots.

I also do not agree with pelleted foods and research has found a pelleted diet can lead to kidney problems.  It is not natural for a parrot to eat dry food, and that dry food needs moisture for it to be absorbed.  Parrots should get most of their moisture from vegetables, sprouts, fruits and edible berries in season.  They are not great water drinkers. Leslie in my opinion has the answer to a parrot having a healthy plumage and a healthy body and mind, plus a longer life span through superior nutrition.  So called experts would be wise to follow Leslie’s advice on nutrition, as she knows her subject, which is more than can be said, for some who purport to be parrot experts.

Pam Fryer



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