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Dear Parrots magazine,

Winner delighted at Think Parrots show

Thank you for a well organised day at Think Parrots Show 2014, and thank you for picking me as your winner of the great prize of a genuine limited edition print by Eric Peake.

I enjoyed meeting a variety of people who look after a wide range of birds/parrots.  It was nice to talk to them and hear about their experiences and tips on birds different to mine.

I have a male Speckled Parrotlet called Chip, who is one year old.  He is a parent-reared and hand-tamed parrotlet.  With time and patience, Chip has become loving and well adjusted to me, but he doesn’t rely on me to entertain him, as he is happy to play by himself, either with a variety of toys in his cage or around the room/playstand.

My fiancé and I were very impressed with Stefano Salles’ exhibit on different species of Parrotlets, as well as his display of them too.  I am fortunate enough to have one of Stefano's hand-tamed parrotlets (Chip).  He was pleased to see us and provided us with more information regarding parrotlets that we did not already know.

Umberto Montefusco happily talked to us and answered our questions concerning Blue-fronted Amazons.  It was a bonus for us when he got them out of the cage to show how hand-tame they are and they also performed a few little tricks.

It was also good to visit the Northern Parrots’ stand, which looked great with a vast array of toys and accessories.  If Chip had been with me, I imagine he would have felt like a child in a candy shop.

Thank you very much for a great day and my prize.

Matt Butler, Essex



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