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Dear Parrots magazine,

Unsupported claim

I very rarely write in to any magazine but Leslie Moran's letter in issue 200 of Parrots, is just too much. Why? Well to quote … 'In dogs and cats I have been able to cure cancer, allergies, liver disease, arthritis and several types of joint disease' as if this medical breakthrough is not enough she then goes on to claim that in parrots she has been able to, quote … 'permanently cure bacterial and fungal infections, liver disease and have stopped the cycle of reoccurring bacterial and fungal infections.'  This is a totally unsupported claim that cannot go unchallenged.

Leslie Moran offers no scientifically based quantifiable evidence nor does she not cite any published paper in support of her claims.  However, there is a large element of self-publicising of her own product range.  What really worries me is that owners of unwell birds may resort to her 'cures' in desperation, abandoning conventional veterinary medicine and knowledge in the process.

Lindsay Taylor



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