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Dear Parrots magazine,

Stolen birds not taken seriously

Information in the May issue of Parrots concerning stolen birds, Article 10 etc. is all very well, however, whatever the laws are, they should help prevent the stolen birds being sold on, but it all falls short. To whom do you report birds being sold without Article 10’s, when they should have one? No-one makes that clear.

If you contact the police they do nothing, DEFRA does nothing and the websites advertising the birds do nothing. They all say it is not their job, so who does police this area? Perhaps John Hayward could tell us, as he runs the stolen, lost and found register, and does a good job in the main part.

I think that the authorities do not take stolen birds very seriously, seem almost powerless, and certainly lack motivation to act unless the thief is caught red-handed. Will the authorities, who make the laws and regulations, tell us who is going to implement them in a serious and diligent way so we can cut down on these callous and harmful thefts.

Eddy lines, Hampshire




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