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Dear Parrots magazine,

Green-cheeked mutations, hideous!

I have just arrived home from work and to my delight found the latest issue of Parrots on my mat, just as I had hoped it would be. Having eagerly opened the packaging, I was confronted by a photograph that almost made me feel queasy!

Whilst some mutations of some species do not look too bad, in general I cannot understand why breeders wish to alter the natural appearance of any parrot. Pauline James describes the new mutation Green-cheeked Conures as “real stunners.” I was certainly stunned, by what to me is, their hideous colouration.

Over the years I have recoiled at some pretty garish Peach-faced Lovebirds amongst others, but these take the proverbial biscuit. My own pair of normal Green-cheeked Conures look so, so, much better than these specimens. If any aficionado of colour mutations would be kind enough to explain their appeal, I should be most grateful.

Andrew Stevens, East Yorkshire




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