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Dear Parrots magazine,

So enlightening

I always enjoy receiving my Parrots magazine.  I go through the magazine thinking that I’d like to comment about this or that and then don’t follow through.  The magazine is fully read and then recycled.  This time I’m going to follow through with my comments.

I knew how beneficial ginger was for human digestion, but I never thought of feeding it to my parrot.  In my mind it seemed to be in the same category as garlic and onions: very healthy for humans but of questionable health for parrots (some say no, some say yes).  I suppose that Babe, my parrot, and I could share the same cup of ginger tea.  Just as she likes her food warm, she also appreciates warm liquids.

I loved the painting by Blu Lu and was amazed that I could recognize the African grey.  As a web site was mentioned, I took my interest further and read about Barbara’s fund-raising effort, on the internet.

EB Cravens always provides interesting reading for me.  I like his kind, nurturing approach to healthy parrot husbandry.  I think that the parrot pet industry has a lot to answer for, in the form of many, many unwanted, abandoned parrots.  Many breeders should be shut down.  Fortunately EB Cravens works hard to make sure that his parrots self-identify as birds and not as people.

Thank you for providing information from Loro Parque.  They truly are on the forefront on conservation advances.  If I have one request, it is that I would like to see more articles included in Parrots magazine about research into parrot health and behaviour.

“Living with 19 Rescue Cockatoos” was very interesting.  I liked the idea of purchasing a feather boa (something not difficult to find) to hang in the cages.  Gail Masters suggests that a biting parrot can be briefly confined in a pet carrier. This sounds like a good idea, unless it is an angry biting parrot.  Then I believe that manoeuvre would be difficult to accomplish. Perhaps the good work of other parrot rescues or sanctuaries can be profiled in subsequent issues of Parrots magazine.

“African Greys can Converse” is another article that sent me to the internet in search of more information.  I have passed that story around to other people as I found Cosmo’s accomplishment to be so amazing!

Thank you for giving me so much interesting reading about parrots.  I look forward to learning more.

Eva James - Hamilton, Ontario




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