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Dear Parrots magazine,

They are just great!

In the November issue, I read with great interest Eb Craven’s article on Patagonian Conures. I agree with him totally that it is a very underrated bird and I can speak from experience as I have two, believed to be a pair, but they have never produced anything other than a great deal of enjoyment.

I have them in a large flight in a partly covered conservatory just outside our kitchen/diner and they interact with us all the time and we now couldn’t imagine life without them. In the summer, we put them into their outside aviary, which is around 30ft long and 10ft wide in which they have a great deal of space in which to fly.

We have spent many an hour sitting in the aviary with them, and when the weather is fine, we often take our meals out there to which they join in with us. They come and sit on the backs of our chairs and table and really enjoy some of what we have, but we are very careful in what they have to eat themselves and make sure everything is absolutely safe for them. What wonderful birds these are and I applaud Eb Cravens for highlighting it to all this magazine’s readers.

Judy Connelly, by email




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