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About six months ago, I rescued a pair of Peach-faced Lovebirds from an elderly couple who were having problems, after a neighbour told me about them. The birds were in a dirty cage with a single dowel perch, and were clearly not being looked after properly. They were being fed sunflower seeds and millet and their feathers were scruffy and not clean. The couple were very elderly and could not cope, although said they had these birds for the past five years. The husband’s health had deteriorated and his wife was not much better. I said I would take them on as I already have some Peach-faced in an aviary and that seemed to make them happy.

Well, after feeding them on a quality seed and fresh food diet, they have picked up and are now much more alert and with fine feathers. It just shows what can be done with a good varied diet, lots of toys, and copious amounts of love and affection.

Judy Winters, by email




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