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Published in Healthcare

Animal Genetics / Avian Biotech

Offering a range of genetic tests and services such as dna sexing and disease testing for all species of birds as well as other animals. tel: 01872 262737 / 01872 262777

Supplier Details

  • Contact Name Janet, Dani, Linda and Jo
  • Area Cornwall
  • Postal Code PL25 3LB
  • Tel No 01726 247788
  • Website
Published in Healthcare

Biobest Laboratories Ltd

Specialists in veterinary virology, serology and DNA diagnostics. tel: 01314 402628

Supplier Details

  • Contact Name Ian MacDougall / Joanna Reid
  • Area Ediburgh
  • Postal Code EH26 0PJ
  • Tel No 01314 402628
  • Website
Published in Healthcare

Diatoms International Ltd

Your solution to poultry pests, cat pests, dog pests, garden pests, cage and avairy pests and horse pests. tel: 01590 616381

Supplier Details

  • Contact Name Ron Grover
  • Area Hampshire
  • Postal Code SO42 7XP
  • Tel No 01590 616381
  • Website
Published in Healthcare

Meriden Animal Health Ltd

Company specialising in the production and distribution of animal health products. tel: 01234 436130

Supplier Details

  • Contact Name Pippa Sprinks / Nina Peake
  • Area Cranfield
  • Postal Code MK43 0BT
  • Tel No 01234 436130
  • Website
Published in Healthcare


Manufacturers of bird health & well-being supplements. tel: 07713 165456

Supplier Details

  • Contact Name Louis Osbourne
  • Area Kent
  • Postal Code DA3 7AR
  • Tel No 07713 165456
  • Website

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