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Beaphar Sherleys Ltd

Sellers of baby birds as well as parrot toys, parrot cages, parrot playstands, perches, parrot food, reptile supplies and more. tel: 01440 715700

Supplier Details

  • Contact Name Rachel Lamb
  • Area Suffolk
  • Postal Code CB9 8QP
  • Tel No 01440 715700
  • Website
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Bjf Feeds

Shop for bulk animal & pigeon feed, medicines and cage & aviary accessories. tel: 01909 770065

Supplier Details

  • Contact Name Bryan Leather
  • Area South Yorkshire
  • Postal Code S26 5PR
  • Tel No 01909 770065
  • Website
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Boddy & Ridewood

Boddy and Ridewood Pigeon Supplies including loft equipment, pigeon supplements and medicines and many more. tel: 01723 585858

Supplier Details

  • Contact Name Paul Taylor / Mark Ridewood
  • Area North Yorkshire
  • Postal Code Y011 3UY
  • Tel No 01723 585858
  • Website
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Interhatch supplies everything you need for poultry, whether for commercial enterprises, hatcheries, laboratories and the backyard. tel: 01246 264644

Supplier Details

  • Contact Name Carrie Grinnell
  • Area Derbyshire
  • Postal Code S41 9AG
  • Tel No 01246 264644
  • Website
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Jollyes Petfood Superstore

Superstore providing a wide variety of branded pet foods and accessories. tel: 01992 703010

Supplier Details

  • Contact Name John Pullen
  • Area Essex
  • Postal Code EN9 1AS
  • Tel No 01992 703010
  • Website
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Northampton Parrot Centre

Northampton Parrot Centre is a friendly, family business selling parrots, cages, pet supplies, toys and much more! tel: 01604 753823

Supplier Details

  • Contact Name Lois Hook
  • Area Northamptonshire
  • Postal Code NN5 5DA
  • Tel No 01604 753823
  • Website
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Parrotcare provide everything for your pet parrot including parrot food, parrot toys, parrot cages and parrot books. tel: 01670 530731/530949

Supplier Details

  • Contact Name John Wragg
  • Area Northumberland
  • Postal Code NE22 7BU
  • Tel No 01670 530731/530949
  • Website
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Rolf C Hagen (UK) Ltd

A worldwide manufacturer of pet supplies for fish, birds, cats, dogs and small animals. tel: 01977 556622

Supplier Details

  • Contact Name Customer Services
  • Area West Yorkshire
  • Postal Code WF10 5QH
  • Tel No 01977 556622
  • Website
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Rosewood Pet Products

Rosewood design, source, produce and distribute pet products, pet foods and pet accessories. tel: 01952 883408

Supplier Details

  • Contact Name Julie Carney
  • Area Shropshire
  • Postal Code TF12 5AN
  • Tel No 01952 883408
  • Website
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Catering for all birds Large and Small. Suppliers of Toys, Food, Swings, Perches, Healthcare, Cages, Nuts and much more. tel: 01507 534850/534851

Supplier Details

  • Contact Name Scarlett DelaCroix
  • Area Licolnshire
  • Postal Code LN9 9JY
  • Tel No 01507 534850/534851 / 07825 908149
  • Website



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