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Dear Parrots magazine,

Lorikeets' diet and committed breeders

Eb Cravens' articles are renowned for their common sense.  In his article in the March issue he makes no mention of lorikeets and I wonder whether the advice offered in the caption of the photo of three lorikeets was that of the caption writer, rather than that from Ed's own experiences.  It stated that lorikeets "are always happiest with plenty of tropical fresh fruits and home made 'smoothie' nectars rather than total commercial 'powder diets'."

Perhaps it was not well worded, but it seems to infer that fruits are more important than nectar.  The nutrients in fruits are limited, as they contain virtually no protein.  A well-formulated nectar mixture is essential for the long-term health of lorikeets.

In the same issue, John Scott defends the reputation of Peter Hammond.  I would like to comment that these two men are among the most experienced, successful and conscientious breeders of the more difficult neotropical parrots in the UK.  They have over decades helped to establish in this country some of the rarest species.  They should be applauded, as there are not enough breeders who are truly committed to parrots over decades.

Rosemary Low, by email



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