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Dear Parrots magazine,

How old?!

I work for a large humane society, and we recently had a Patagonian conure brought in in very rough shape.  He has been with us almost three months now and is doing wonderfully and improving everyday!  I've actually been fostering him, and am happy to say that he will be staying and joining our flock permanently!

The problem is, I have absolutely no history on him.  The person who admitted him to us actually rescued him from some kids that were selling him out of their car in a local grocery store parking lot.  I am curious to know if there is a way to accurately age an adult parrot, just so I have a general idea of his age.  

I have been working with parrots for many years now, but have never heard of a good method to do so.  I also don't know anyone who has particular expertise on Patagonians, and was thinking that someone who knows the species well may be able to help.  Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Emma, by email



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