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Dear Parrots magazine,

From an abused cockatoo’s viewpoint

I want to start by writing how truly devastated I was to learn the other day that scientists from the Indonesian Parrot Project are now speculating that the average lifespan for a Moluccan Cockatoo in captivity is now as short as 10 years.

We are not incriminating breeders or pet stores for having parrots in captivity, but just want a better life for them.  My husband Kurt and I volunteer on a regular basis to guide and support individuals and families who share their homes with one of God’s most intelligent creatures.  I also now operate a rescue for abused and neglected parrots called Pink Pearl’s Parrot Rescue (Federal Tax ID#46-4794769) out of my home and feel that this is what Pearl may be justified in thinking...

1  What if your world was wiped out by predators and you were forced to attempt to survive amongst them without your native friends and family to protect and guide you, for as long as you could possibly co-exist with them?

2  What if you were hatched in the loving hands of someone who loved you and nurtured you, only to be sold into slavery when you were just six months old, so they could provide for their own family?

3  What if for 15 years you managed to hold on to your life as your new owners slowly watched you self-destruct to the point you could no longer care for yourself properly, no longer bathed and no longer ate the foods you craved and which are required to sustain your existence within their environment?

This is a brief summary from the series of “The Diary of Pink Pearl, A Bird’s Eye View” books I have written to help raise funds for the rescue.  The books are about giving an exotic, intelligent, misunderstood parrot her freedom again.  She is given a once in a lifetime opportunity to teach others how to thrive and be happy, healthy and loved.  For more information on the parrot rescue see: and for more information on the books see:
All orders for the books are treated as tax-deductible charitable contributions.  The mailing address is Pink Pearl’s Parrot Rescue, (Federal Tax ID#46-4794769) c/o Ann Fuhrmann, 4157 Morro Drive, Woodland Hills, California 91364, USA.

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