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Dear Parrots magazine,

Blue-throated Conure diet

While I enjoyed reading the article on the Blue-throated Conure in the March 2014 issue I was concerned about the information given on diet.  Tariq explained that he fed his birds a pelleted diet because a seed-based diet could cause a vitamin A deficiency, but I felt this was rather misleading.

A seed-based diet should not mean only seed, and provided alongside fruits and vegetables a seed-based diet would not cause major vitamin A deficiencies.  Corn, peppers, green leaves etc all contain good levels of vitamin A, but Tariq does not mention feeding vegetables, fresh sprouts or greenery of any kind.

Does Tariq really think feeding mainly same-coloured pellets day after day provides enjoyment and good foraging opportunities for his birds?  Please think again Tariq and offer your birds some greenery, fresh sprouts and a mix of fresh vegetables.  Whether you feed seed, pellets or both, these should make up less than half of a conure’s total diet.

Rosie Tully, email



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