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Dear Parrots magazine,

Air filter saved my life

As part of the discussion going on, on Parrots magazine’s online forum, I would like to put in my two penneth! In 2003, I was given five years to live, on condition I got rid of my African Grey. I had been diagnosed with fibrosing alveolitis and sleep apnoea, but at 70 years old I am still here thanks in part to Alan Jones and Rob Harvey who gave me tremendous support – and I still have my beloved Bobby too!

I proved, out of the 20 different birds I was allergy tested for, not to be allergic to my parrot, and still they told me to get rid of him. Alan and Rob helped me to locate first of all the Zion filters and from there I have now graduated up to a brand new updated air filter. This one is easy to maintain and has many benefits other than reducing the dust in the air.

I also have to clean all surfaces regularly with a damp cloth and shower Bobby regularly. Sometimes I use a hand sprayer and some days he comes into the shower with me, although more recently he gets a proper dunking in a warm water bath in the kitchen sink. This allows me to also soak the feathers under his wings, which I can’t otherwise get to.

When cleaning Bobby’s cage I find it propitious to spray the bottom of the cage first with water to stop the dander flying up into my face and breathing in the particles that irritates my condition.

G, forum,

*G is to follow up this letter by writing a more detailed article on how he has dealt with respiratory disease, while still keeping his African Grey. Ed



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