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Dear Parrots magazine,

Willow supports took root!

I was pleased to see the picture of John Hayward in your Think Parrots Souvenir Hand-out in July’s magazine. We were amongst those who helped him raise £50 for the World Parrot Trust by buying willow sticks from him.

Umbrella Cockatoo, Dougal, and Cockatiel, Dickie, have enjoyed having some new chewable perches, but I used some of the rest inserted in a large planter in the garden as supports for our runner bean plants. As Willow is wont to do, these sticks have now all rooted, and sprouted fresh green shoots! So we now have a self-perpetuating supply of fresh willow for Dougal and Dickie!

With regard to the article on Quaker Parrots in Barcelona, on a trip to the Costa Brava in Autumn 2010, we had a similar experience. Quaker Parrots were everywhere in noisy groups, making large communal nests in the palm trees in the village square and along the promenade. Sadly we did not see any free-living examples of the other species mentioned by Pauline James.

Alan K. Jones MRCVS by email




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