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Dear Parrots magazine,

Ringnecks make wonderful pets!

Contrary to recent comments in your magazine regarding Indian ringnecks being only suitable as aviary birds, and psittacula parakeets having a weaker bond with humans I wish to set the record straight.

My aviary-bred, parent-reared Indian ringneck Sanjay, at two years old, is the most delightful little guy you could wish for. He flies to me for a treat, he interacts and greets us when we approach and he plays and communicates well with us. Sanjay also whistles Colonel Bogey and Shaun the Sheep, and talks.

It takes time and patience to achieve a good companion ringneck, and it can be frustrating when they go through the ‘bluffing’ stage, but to write them off as a pet is grossly unfair.

Bette Stalford, Bedfordshire




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