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Dear Parrots magazine,

Getting involved

I recently went to visit a garden centre some distance away from where I live as I wanted to look at the parrots that were being sold. I had heard that there were some problems there and I was not wrong - I don’t want to name this place for obvious reasons.

It seemed like fate as when I arrived, the assistant was selling a Green-cheeked Conure to a couple. This young girl did not have a clue and was giving out all the wrong information about this bird. I watched and waited, but could not hold back any more, I just had to say something. This bird was not closed rung and didn’t have a micro-chip, so identification could not be established. I spoke to the couple about this but they were completely smitten by this bird as it was very tame and adorable.

This situation was starting to get heated, as perhaps, I was pushing too hard, with the result that the manager was called and I was told, in no uncertain terms, to go away! I was furious but had no option but to move away, which I did, and watched from a distance to see this couple buy the bird. They did seem genuine so only hope that little bird would be OK. The point I am making is that inexperienced and incompetent staff can cause so many problems. I just wish the owners of such premises would exercise a much higher level of responsibility and properly identify the birds they sell.

Alison Holmes - by email




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