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Dear Parrots magazine,

Poor bird park

I would be interested to know if any of your readers have visited the Tropical Bird Garden at the Botanical Gardens in Funchal, Madeira?

My husband and I visited there recently and were very distressed by the poor conditions in which the parrots in particular are kept. Aviaries are small and run down with no foliage or items or activities to stimulate the birds. Several of the parrots had bare patches where they had plucked at their feathers themselves or had been attacked by other birds. Most of them seemed sad and bored and there was little chattering between them.

We were also very concerned to see only bowls of water and sunflower seeds for their nourishment - there was no sign of any fresh fruit or vegetables in any of the cages.

I have looked on the Internet for any bird protection organisation which might be able to bring pressure to bear to improve conditions at this centre but cannot seem to find anything appropriate. Somewhat ironically Madeira itself appears to be a favourite haunt for wild bird spotters with various protection programmes but cage birds apparently do not inspire the same concern! Could anyone suggest any further action I might take? 

Madge Davies - by email




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