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Dear Parrots magazine,

Light dimmer

I bought my Senegal parrot about three years ago and have never had any problems with him when turning in for the night. But about five months ago, he started playing up when we turned off the lights at night. He would make a great deal of noise and seemed quite perturbed. But after spending some time with him, he would eventually calm down.

However, this was worrying us and after reading about light dimmers in this magazine, we bought one. So now, the lights are gradually dimmed down over about 20 minutes, and this seems to have solved the problem. He has never created any problems now when we go to bed and are convinced that the sudden plunging into pitch black, was a shock to his system. It would appear that something had changed as he grew older, but the dimmer seems to have saved the day.

Brenda Hart - by email




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