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Dear Parrots magazine,

Regulation needed

Can anyone tell me if there is any legislation governing rescue centres? I have a friend who has been having all sorts of problems with the cockatoo she has had for over 22 years, but is now suffering through ill health. Because of this she can no longer look after her bird, She is partially disabled and doesn’t go out much. Because of her poor health, she has very sadly decided to re-home her cockatoo and contacted a so called rescue centre that was not very far away. She can’t walk very well, so I went with her to this place.

When we arrived, I couldn’t believe the mess this place was in, despite them calling it a rescue and re-homing centre. I would not let my friend go in so we returned home. There needs to be clear legislation to regulate these awful places, although I am sure there are others that are really great.

Jean Holdsworthy - St Albans, Herts




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