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Dear Parrots magazine,

Reparation is essential

I am new to parrot keeping and clearly have a great deal to learn, and am astonished at how big the subject of parrots is. Many other people must have come to the same conclusion as I have, that there is so much more to keeping parrots than first thought.

I now feel I am being drawn into all sorts of issues that clearly are of great concern to many people, particularly in the world we live in today, where greed is taking preference to just about everything else. The banks have created such a terrible economic problem, which not only affects the vast majority of us, but our valuable wildlife as well, as people are dumping their animals because of the increasing cost of living.

The greed of mankind will, one day, come back and hit us hard, but our birds should not suffer as they have done nothing wrong at all. I never realised how damaging mankind is being to our planet and how the wildlife is suffering.

I bought my first parrot, a Senegal, which was parent-reared, but did not realise the significance of breeding parrots in captivity. I have been reading up a lot from back copies of this magazine, and are so relieved my Senegal was parent-reared. He is so charming and I couldn’t bear to think we might have problems with feather plucking and all the other problems that there seems to be with hand-reared birds.

I just hope mankind starts to understand the damage that has been done to good Mother Earth, and will start to redress all the terrible things that we have done so far.

Beverly Roberts - by email




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