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Dear Parrots magazine,


It is very clear that Malcolm Green is as passionate about improving avian nutrition as I am. I welcome the information he shared, especially since it was different than what my research uncovered. I especially appreciated his perspective of iron storage disease. One key point his letter supports is the fact that we do need more humane research done in the area of avian nutrition - both for each particular species and then refining this to individuals within each species.

The survey done by Laurie Hess DVM, focuses mainly on pelleted diets verses seed based diets with only one of the six test groups being involved in feeding a combination of seeds and human foods. After speaking with Dr Hess about this study, I learned that a complete protein blend of properly grown sprouts was not included in the ‘humans foods’ her participants reported.

I’m not against using nutritional supplements with birds. However, after working with a series of clients who used an oil-soluable vitamin A (rentional) supplement (not a BirdCare Company product) along with feeding pellets and other oil-soluable vitamin formulas, I had to bring attention to the potential problem of over-supplementation when using fat-soluble vitamin products.

It’s clear that Mr Green has an extensive background and knowledge of avian nutrition. With this background I’m surprised his knowledge does not include the functional food value of properly grown complete-protein sprouting blends. I wonder how he can criticise this foundational diet, especially when proper full spectrum lighting is used (for the avian body to make its own vitamin D3) and the clinical documentation being done with parrots consuming the diet I recommend are showing amazing results. Witnessing the reversal of avian cataracts is only the beginning. (THP issue #157)

Mr Green, I value and respect your knowledge and expertise in the area of avian nutrition and I acknowledge that you too have seen good results with your approach to diet and supplementation. I invite you to do some feeding trials with my complete protein sprouting blends (properly grown), along with any products you select in your line of nutritional supplements. We may find a match made in heaven with the parrots coming out the winners.

Leslie Moran (USA) - by email




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