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Dear Parrots magazine,

Happily ever after!

In our house, my husband and I have always been arguing, in the nicest possible way, about whether or not we should have a parrot. I have always wanted one but he has been firmly against it. Well, a funny thing happened. A friend, who lives close by, learned of an elderly lady who had a Meyers’s parrot but, sadly, could no longer look after it properly as she was now suffering with arthritis.

Well, my friend suggested that we take on this bird, but what about my husband? Well cunningly, I suggested we look after it for two weeks while this lady looked for a new owner. You can guess the rest. It never went anywhere else and, would you believe it, my husband is now totally converted and the previous owner comes and visits! Everyone is happy! Great magazine!

Marion Lattersley - by email




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