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Dear Parrots magazine,

Clean air

Being a sufferer of asthma and a parrot owner, I have been following any articles on clean air and how best to look after our health. Many of us live in warm double glazed houses that are airtight, but there, I think, lie serious problems. Without airflow and good ventilation, there will always be a high risk of health problems as dust will exist and possible mould spores in corners of rooms.

My doctor has advised me to get rid of my two Senegals, as he thinks they may be the cause of my breathing problems, but I think doctors tend to jump on the ‘bird dust’ issue, saying it is the probable cause.

But I have gone against this advise and have bought two clean air purifiers and I can’t tell you what difference they have made. I have both in my lounge, where the birds are, one near their cage and the other at the other end of the room. My breathing has improved and my husband’s tickly cough has also improved. But what is quite frightening, is the amount of dust I clean out of the filters in each unit. Without these purifiers, I dread to think what we have been breathing in.

Joan Hardcastle - by email




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