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Dear Parrots magazine,

Keeping up with IT

I was astonished to find Parrots magazine in my local Pets at Home superstore and had no idea it existed. I have had an Amazon parrot for just over 12 years and had no idea that so much information was available. I suppose I have been living in my own little world and have just not kept up with all that is going on in the avian world. Perhaps now, I have been jolted into action and have just bought myself a computer, something I have shunned for a long time.

The problem I now have, is that I can’t stay off the Internet and find the amount of information overwhelming, not just on avian matters but also on just about everything else you can think of. Also, I have also discovered email and here I go again, emailing everyone I can think of. Talk about ‘boys and their toys’, what about ‘girls and their toys’? Perhaps I might calm down soon!

Janet Allsworthy - by email




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